Dead Grass Or Fungus?

Do You Have Brown Spots In Your Yard?

If you are like most people, you probably add extra water to that part of your yard. If this is not improving the spots or they seem to be getting worse, you might have a lawn fungus known as “brown patch”.


There are many types of fungal diseases that can be devastating to a lawn. They may show up as mushrooms,  discolored spots, lines / streaking, circular rings, slimy areas, rust like powder or spots on the actual grass blades.








Grass becomes more susceptible to fungus when it becomes stressed from events such as heavy rain seasons, droughts, high heat, mowing to short, mower blade sharpness, or even over watering. The best part is that most of these can be prevented by learning good lawn care techniques. In some situations the application of a fungicide may be needed.


Water your lawn in the early hours of the day. Healthy established lawns need approximately an one to one and a half inches of water weekly. However, your lawn has a better chance of avoiding fungus if it has the opportunity to dry before nightfall.  By watering in the morning, your lawn has the entire day to dry.


Mowing at the appropriate height. Mowing to low causes stress to the yard and can increase the risk of fungal infection. When mowing it’s best to remove approximately one-third of the blade height. This may mean you have to mow more frequently, but can increase your lawns health.


Good lawn practices. Appropriate fertilizer coverage. It’s not good to over or under fertilize your yard. Make sure to follow instructions or advice of a lawn care professional when fertilizing your lawn. Aerating to loosen compact soil and Dethatching (removing dead grass) are also good practices to improve the health of your lawn and reduce fungal infections.


Fungicides. If you are following the above practices and are still having fungal problems, you may need to apply a fungicide. There are broad-spectrum fungicides that can be used to treat many types of fungus. However, getting your lawn tested by a professional to help identify the specific type of fungus  for a targeted treatment will get the best results.

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